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Statement: Alberto Contador abandons Tour de France

Tour de France 2014

Team statement regarding Alberto Contador's crash and exit:

Tinkoff-Saxo’s team captain Alberto Contador has abandoned Tour de France following a hard crash on stage 10. Contador crashed on the descent of Petit Ballon and injured his knee. After receiving medical treatment and a new bike, Alberto was determined to get back on the bike and quickly continued in an attempt to close the gap to the peloton.

Tinkoff-Saxo’s attempt to bring Alberto back in the peloton was made difficult by the mountainous terrain and the high speed up front. After 20 kilometers of chasing Alberto was not able to pedal and abandoned the race due to his knee injury.


28 Responses to Statement: Alberto Contador abandons Tour de France

  1. Duncan White says:

    Great spirit. Rest. Get well.
    This day will end. Let it go. Tomorrow is the first step forward.

    See you at the Vuelta, stronger than ever.

    Everyone loves you, Alberto.

  2. Signe Jørgensen says:

    So, so sad to see and here that. We was all looking forward to see Alberto dancing on his bike up the mountains. It is a very sad day for cycling and for the TDF. We are all know that Alberto had work very hard for this TDF. Hope that Alberto is okay and he will soon be on the bike again. Best wishes and regards to Alberto.

  3. Oliver says:

    See you Vuelta! Will be interesting!

  4. assala says:

    he will come back stronger in la vuelta and le tour 2015 i hpe

  5. assala says:

    he will come back stronger in la vuelta and le tour 2015 i hope

  6. Marc Lynch says:

    A legend has retired , truely a sad day for the Tour. Get well soon.

  7. Sharon says:

    So very sad to see Alberto out of the race. Hope his injuries are not too severe and he makes a speedy recovery. We will miss watching Alberto dancing on his pedals up those mountains.

  8. That’s just not fair.. Sorry to see this.

    It’s less of a race without you Alberto.

  9. Xavier says:

    Terrible crash. Very sad for Alberto, the team, the Tour and all of cycling.

  10. Uggi Kaldan says:

    So sad, so sad, get better soon!

    Hope to see you in the Vuelta.

  11. RL Bell says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Take care and recover well. Sending you all our support.

  12. Marcia says:

    Take heart, Alberto. We know you worked hard to prepare for this race. We love you and hope your knee heals quickly.

  13. Wayne Patton says:

    Get well soon Alberto, hope you’re fit and recovered to ride the Vuelta

  14. Carolina Herrera says:

    Vamos Alberto a poner fuerza estamos contigo y confamos en ti!!!!….

  15. Words simply cannot describe how disappointed I am – first Froome, then Contador. They were the “glue” that kept it together in 2014.

    Now we’re left with a bunch of riders we don’t care about and a Tinkov-team with no objective for the rest of the tour.

    So, so frustrating, when we’ve been looking towards this tour for a year now :(

  16. Magnus Lindqvist says:

    Go for the Vuelta, Alberto! Go go go!

  17. Nick says:

    Get well soon Alberto, I hope that you can return for the Vuelta!
    Horrible crash, especially if it was a bike from the team car that caused it.
    A huge loss to the TdF.
    Keep strong!

  18. fel says:

    what about the “frame snapped” rumors???

  19. Peter Kuruc says:

    Jeden z najsmutnejších dní. Tvrdá celoročná práca Alberto skončila v troskách. Veľká škoda a smola. Dôležité je aby sa čo najskôr zdravotne dostal z toho a verím, že sa pripraví na vuelta. Ste najlepší a veľký bojovník. Mnoho zdaru Alberto

  20. Peter Kuruc says:

    One of the saddest days. Tough coursework Alberto ended in ruins. Pity and shame. The important thing is that as soon as physically got out of it and I believe it is prepared to vuelta. You are the best and a great fighter. Good luck Alberto

  21. Markwestray says:

    Very sad day today, gutted for you Alberto, but the most important thing is that your not too badly injured with the knee, cuts and grazes only hey, we all love you Alberto, these things happen dude, you’ll bounce back, get well soon , thinking about ya, well done to all the team for a great effort, see you all soon at the vuelta guys all being well,cheers .

  22. nick says:

    Terribly bad luck for Alberto ,the tour has now lost it,s sparkle this year. But hey, bring on the Vuelta vs Froome et all. Get well soon Alberto!

  23. Asse says:

    Poor Alberto – Poor Bjarne – Poor Tingkow – Poor for the race. BUT now we will have a Bjarne that goes in tactic mode – give em race Bjarne.. – Get well soon Alberto. Hope to see you in Spain.

  24. paul b says:

    Two top favorites are out – tough to win just once.

  25. saleal says:

    The worse team I ever seen , how u could win when u allowed Lotto with Greipel in front . U expect to get accident when ur back . Bad tactical plan and weak team makes Contador loss this TDF

  26. Duncan White says:

    Now, any Tinkoff staff members who are reading these comments – please send one email
    in reply to the address I listed. I can give some brief medical tips to your people regarding fast strong knee injury recovery – ligaments, muscle, bone, cartilage. Good case histories, perhaps not known to your medical personnel.

  27. Charmaine says:

    Get well soon, campeon!! You are in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

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