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Statement regarding Roman Kreuziger

Tinkoff - Saxo 2014

Tinkoff-Saxo (TCS) has been notified by our rider Roman Kreuziger that the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is likely due to instigate disciplinary proceedings against him arising from an alleged violation of its anti-doping rules due to abnormalities detected in his Biological Passport in 2011 and 2012.

Roman Kreuziger issued a press release earlier in the day to explain the position.

According to the UCI’s Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CAFD) its Experts Panel has concluded that Roman Kreuziger's blood passport profile shows abnormalities established from March 2011 until August 2011 as well as from April 2012 until the end of the 2012 Giro d’Italia, periods prior to the rider signing with TCS.

The rider received notice from the UCI that CAFD regarded his data as suspect by a letter dated 28 June 2013. The notice provided him with the opportunity of explaining the alleged irregularities in his passport to CAFD and UCI.

He offered the explanation, based on two medical expert opinions independently of each other, that the fluctuations in his blood passport profile were not abnormalities and did not indicate anti-doping violations, which was submitted to the UCI by 3 October 2013.

The rider had no further contact with the UCI until receiving a letter of 30 May 2014. He was advised that the CAFD’s Experts Panel did not accept his explanation.

Tinkoff - Saxo 2014

Since Roman Kreuziger received the UCI’s letter of 30 May he has sought the services of a third independent expert. This scientist has now provided a preliminary report in which he concludes that the fluctuations in his Biological Passport profile are not irregularities which can only be explained with the use of doping methods or substances (as alleged) and that the conclusions of CAFD’s Experts Panel have limited scientific supporting evidence.

When Roman Kreuziger received the first notice by the end of June 2013, he promptly informed the team about the letter. He was adamant that he never used doping methods or substances. Through our own medical staff and independent verification the team was satisfied that Roman's blood profile had valid medical and scientific explanations other than the use of doping methods or substances. This was subsequently confirmed by the expert opinions Roman shared with the team.

Roman Kreuziger continues to deny any wrongdoing and has informed the team that he intends to defend himself against the charges.

The team has decided, in agreement with Roman, that he will not ride in any races including this year’s Tour de France until more information becomes available to the team.

Though he won't be racing for now, until more information becomes available to the team it will not provisionally suspend Roman unless required by the UCI or the Czech Federation.

At this stage, the team has no further details to add until the initial process is concluded.

29 Responses to Statement regarding Roman Kreuziger

  1. PinkLady says:

    Oh bloody hell…

  2. Signe Jørgensen says:

    Oooh no Not now. It´s a big loose for Alberto in TDF.

  3. Duncan White says:

    This charge against Roman? Now? The UCI , those corrupt British b***ards!
    The guy’s innocent. No matter, this time Oleg Tinkoff is the owner, and he won’t take any crap
    from these limeys.

    The team is strong. Alberto will win.

  4. Josef Novotny says:

    This is bull3hit. In either case is sucks as RK either didnt dope and will lose the TdF uselessly or he did. Man, I was really looking forward to this year’s TdF!!!

  5. Vince says:

    Encore une charge de la mafia UCI/sky ! Just f…. bullshit just before the Tour


    ¿A quien apoya la UCI?. ¿A quien trata de hundir?. Ánimo Roman, Te apoyamos. Y al equipo que vaya al TdF, todos nuestros ánimos. Sabemos que no nos defraudaréis.

  7. Grethe Obling Nielsen says:

    it’s the most stupid I’ve heard, why can not UCI attention to what unbiased doctors say it’s a bunch of idiots sitting in the UCI? and why they come several years after it should be banned, I hope Roman is right and goes free

  8. Gerard says:

    It’s imcredible because it happened three yeats ago and they say it know a few days from the begining of the tour. And in this moment he is in the tinkoff-saxo and in that moment he was in astana. And finally when henao was investigated for the same situation this season the anomalies happened a few days before the investigation and inow he is in competition. I hope nico and rogers can do a good job for alberto in the mountain

  9. Duncan White says:


    You’re right. Apologies. My Grandad, from Scotland, would have killed me for writing that way.

  10. Jesper Kallehauge says:

    The socalled suspected doping violation is of historical importance (Astana period), not related to Tinkoff Saxo tean.

    Kreuziger’s blood passport profile shows abnormalities:
    March – August 2011
    April – May 2012

    As the UCI doping agency interpret ‘abnomalities’, they apply an elastic evaluation criteria and do mot disclose in public what they define as ‘abnormal’.
    Although the basic principle behind the Biological Pass is an advantage to initially detect abnormal values potentially caused by doping abuse, it is not in itself evidence of doping use since we in this case for Kreuziger have not in public been provided any evidence that particular banned substances for cycling sport used over the legal limit in the two periods mentioned above in 2011 and 2012.
    Finally, the internationally doping agency WADA and UCIs own agency applies regulation out of order with most conventional legal national system where a fair trial for example require that a prosecution must be raised within a very limited time span except for ‘very serious crimes’. In a normal national legal system, this kind of prosecution case (misuse of banned substance for own use only for a relatively limited period in sport) should already have exceeded the period to raise prosecution.
    When prosecutions or trials are raised excessively late after the period under suspicion of doping violation, the concept of fair trial looses its value, both for the athlete, his present employer, and competition organizers implicated by the suspected doping violation.

  11. Tim says:

    Surely not Sky’s marginal gains to blame!!

  12. MASAI says:


    Lleven a Zaugg .. parece que el polaco no tiene ganas de trabajar :(

  13. MASAI says:

    Rupert M eres un pvto cornudo consentidor.. ¡y lo sabes!

  14. PinkLady says:

    Seem Rafal Majka not happy ot ride the Tour and told Polish reporter he is not ready, has not trained, is tired, only 24 and team do not care about his health !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bloody hell……Maybe bring Ollie Zaugg instead as he is climbing well and better have someone there who is fit and wants to race rather than someone who doesn’t want to be there

    • MASAI says:

      Durante la Vuelta a España del 2012 apuntó buenas maneras como gregario ahora parece que se le han subido los humos… y sin que tenga muchos motivos, la verdad. Ha tenido bastantes carreras este año para demostrar algo pero ¿Cuando el equipo y un campeón como ALBERTO CONTADOR lo necesitan dice que no está preparado? ¿llorando en estos momentos? bah, parece que el joven polaco necesita urgentemente conocer la cara dura del patrón.

  15. Vince says:

    Yes, I think Rafal is unready to do the job correctly. Let him rest. Anyway I m sure the guys will be highly motivated, especially Alberto, always strong in unfair adversity. Come on guys !

  16. Franciska says:

    Jeg er så rasende over afgørelsen fra UCI at jeg kun kan skrive på mit modersmål Dansk. Skyldig eller ikke skyldig er helt uinteressant, det er UCI’s arbejdsmetoder det drejer sig om. De har overhovedet ikke respekt for anden person. Hvordan kan de forsvare en så lang afgørelse ! Det er mennesker de har med at gøre. Med de moderne testmetoder som findes i dag skulle det ikke tage lang tid at afgøre sådanne sager. Jeg havde et indlæg for nogle år siden som handlet om det samme og jeg gentager og opfordrer sponsorer, sportsdirektører, ryttere og alle sportsinteresserede til at sørge for at nåværende medlemmer af UCI bliver fjernet med øjeblikkelig virkning. Nye folk må ansættes som har almindelig sund fornuft og som har respekt for annen person. Mr Tinkoff her har du en job at gøre !!!!!!

  17. christian fibiger says:

    Oh dear oh dear Kreuziger out of the tour squad but to replace him with Majka is just stupid. He is not pleased with it, he has not trained and he is too bloody young to do two grand tours after eachother. If they are not careful maybe the polish rider will pack his gear and move to another team!! This situation shows that tinkoff-saxo have too many old and young riders. They lack qualified riders like Porte, Mathias Frank or an Arrodondo. Oleg Tinkoff has said he wants to be number one in cycling and so he has do dig up more money cause the greedy pigs know he has alot of cash.
    About Kreuziger I can only say that I hope they investigate the Astana team too. If Roman was doped back in his astana days then somebody else must have known about it. I remember when contador was banned back in 2010 a secret witness came forward and told that they tapped blood from him in the dauphine libere race. My source is cyclingnews.com and while I talk about doping why not investigate Chris Horner who won the tour of spain last year in an age of 42!!!!
    That is absurd and he and his former team should be investigated.

    Christian Fibiger

  18. Live Wiya says:

    Straight up some real bullshit. They should challenge that shit and have Roman ride the TDF. Even if he is suspended, it shouldn’t affect the his Tour this year.He should race. Come on Oleg, THINK OF something.

  19. BodyGlow says:

    That’s really sad news! Were gonna miss him and hopefully Contador will make it anyway.

    Go Tinkoff-Saxo (-:

  20. MASAI says:

    Extraído del foro de Cycling.news y del hilo de Alberto Contador, hilo de la Flor de Utrecht y los otros grandes muchachos del foro de la revista del innombrable r.m – braislford-froomstrong -ski (grrrrrrrr)

    La siguiente aportación de mrhender

    Desde su FB: Raphael Majka

    :”I thought about the whole situation and came to the conclusion that the TdF may be to me a step in the right direction. Sorry leadership of the team that doubted this decision.’ve come to the conclusion now that the start in the Tour de France will be a big challenge for me, but I want him to face. I will try to help Alberto with all my strength to achieve the most important goal – TO WIN!”

    Esto está mejor Raphael …. ¡¡VAMOS!! :)

  21. boq says:

    No to się knedel czegoś nażarł!

  22. Grethe Obling Nielsen says:

    hvor har du ret Franciska, men du kan oversætte dit brev på Google til engelsk, så forstår Tinkov det også

  23. Filippo says:

    Now you really have to win that Race, i really hate politics behind the scene, Go Alberto and GL Roman, i believe in you.

  24. Franciska says:

    I’m so furious about the decision of the UCI . Guilty or not guilty is completely uninteresting, it is UCI’s working methods it is all about. They have absolutely no respect for the other person. How can they defend such a long decision! These are people they are dealing with. With modern testing methods available today, it should not take long to decide such matters. I had a post a few years ago who acted on immediately and I repeat and encourages sponsors, sports directors, riders and all sports fans to make sure that current members of the UCI will be removed with immediate effect. New people must be recruited who have common sense and having respect for the person one else. Mr Tinkoff here you have a job to do!!

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  25. Franciska says:

    Kreutziger says : There is nothing to come after

    2 -3? independent testing laboratories says the same

    UCI are not sure !

    UCI! Give Kreutziger the green card so he can start (there is nothing to loose)

    Mr. Tinkoff ! Please contact UCI and bang in the table, may be they wake up and start working before the New year .

  26. CRL says:

    That’s such a shame. You wanna ruin another driver and team? Congrats.

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