Tinkoff Saxo Pro Cycling Team

Bjarne Riis


Team Manager

Bjarne is the founder of the team and previous owner. Bjarne is now Team Manager following the sale of his life’s work to Oleg Tinkov having maneuvered the team with passion and hard work for 13 years through a dynamic and complex sport. Bjarne’s new role as Team Manager presents himself and Tinkoff-Saxo with great opportunities on the sporting side. The Dane’s tactical awareness and understanding of the sport is unmatched and is demonstrated in exceptional team performances whenever he is present at a race.

Bjarne’s active career as a top rider stretched from 1986 to 1999 with impressive victories – most memorable of which was his victory in the 1996 Tour de France. Bjarne Riis started as a super-domestique for some of the greatest riders in the sport, including his mentor Laurent Fignon. Before his 1996 Tour victory, Riis won two impressive stage wins in ’93 and ’94. In both instances, he demonstrated  his instinctive understanding of the race. Through his many years as a highly valued domestique, he  acquired a powerful engine this together with his tactical cunning ensured he exploited his competitors weaknesses by setting gruelling paces at their most vulnerable moments.

It is this DNA – taken from the foundation of cycling – that Bjarne now enriches the team with.