Tinkoff Saxo Pro Cycling Team


Tinkoff-Saxo belongs to the elite of the WorldTour. The team is owned by Oleg Tinkov and sponsored by Tinkoff Credit Systems and Saxo Bank. We are proud to be a part of the world’s finest and toughest sport, whose foundation was laid over a hundred years ago, when miners in southern Belgium and northern France dragged their bikes up from the coal mines and raced in the hope that the prize money could buy them a future without soot and dust in their lungs. Cycling, as we know it today, was born.

It is that tradition Tinkoff-Saxo is based upon. Despite watt measurements, scientific training and the fame of modern cycling, we as a team are acutely aware of the history we are a part of. Cycling is beautiful, dramatic and intense when races and riders jointly create stories that imprint themselves in our memories. We all remember the great battles of the past and at the same time look forward to the next big stage.

Tinkoff-Saxo has over the last 15 years been among the most prominent and groundbreaking teams in the sport. We base our practice on five core values: communication, loyalty, respect, commitment and above all teamwork. Our riders are – in addition to their impressive talent – hand-picked for these values. As a result, we are proud to be able to muster the same harmonious and well-functioning team, regardless of the race and combination of riders.

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